Creating Reports

Creating Reports

You can also create reports using the BCM. These reports allow you to print a hard copy of all your contacts (such as a phone list), create a quick account list, or print a report that details opportunities by product.

To create a BCM report, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Business Tools menu and then point at Report . A submenu appears with choices for Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities , and Other (see Figure 22.4).

    Figure 22.4. Select the type of report you want to create.


  2. To create a specific report for Contacts, Accounts, or Opportunities, point at the category, and then select a report type. For example, for a contact phone list point at Contact and then select Contacts Phone List .

  3. The report will appear in a business report window (see Figure 22.5).

    Figure 22.5. Select the type of report you want to create.


  4. You can zoom in and out on the report data and save or print the report. When you have completed working with the report, close it.

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