Downloading and Installing Resource Hacker

You can download Resource Hacker from This is the main site for the software; other sites that enable you to download this utility can be found by doing a search for "resource hacker" using your favorite search engine.


If you are going to play with ResHacker, you should back up your entire computer. Messing with resource files can potentially disable your Windows OS. Be careful!

On the main Resource Hacker site, several links are provided for downloading the utility. Click a link to begin the download process. The file that is downloaded consists of a zipped archive file.

When you have the file on your computer, use the Extraction Wizard to extract the contents of the Zip file to a folder; by default, the Extraction Wizard extracts the contents to a folder named ResHacker. The contents of the Zip file include the Resource Hacker executable file, a Help file, and a readme file. I suggest you look at the readme file before starting ResHacker.

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