Chapter 8. Browsing the World Wide Web with Mozilla Firefox

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67 About Mozilla Firefox

68 Browse Web Pages

69 Use Tabbed Browsing

70 Print a Web Page

71 Control Pop-ups in Firefox

72 Access the Browsing History

73 Create a Bookmark

74 About Managing Bookmarks

75 Move and Edit Bookmarks

76 Sort Bookmarks

77 About Cookies and Firefox

78 Accept and Reject Cookies

79 Manage Cookies

The Internet has become an increasingly important communication infrastructure for businesses and individuals. It is safe to say that one of the Internet's most popular information conduits is the World Wide Web.

In this chapter we take a look at the Mozilla Firefox web browser. This browser provides all the tools and capabilities that you expect from a web browser. It also provides added security and is easy to get up and running because it is installed by default during your NLD installation.

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