41. Change the Screen Resolution

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As a user, you can quickly change the screen resolution for your desktop. The screen resolutions available depend on the video card installed on your system (and the capabilities of your monitor). The video card and the monitor are both configured automatically during the NLD installation.


More advanced settings related to your video adapter and screen are set via the Administrator Settings. To open YaST and configure video settings, you need to know the root password. The graphic cards settings are opened via the Hardware and then the Graphics Card and Monitor icons. Because your video card and monitor are configured during installation, you should access these settings only if you are installing a new sound card or are not getting the appropriate performance from the current sound card settings.

Before You Begin

23 Change Personal Settings

32 About Configuring Hardware and System Settings in NLD

Open Screen Resolution Dialog

From the Settings dialog (select System, Personal Settings), double-click the Screen Resolution icon in the Hardware pane. The Screen Resolution dialog box opens.

Change Screen Resolution

To change the screen resolution select the Resolution drop-down list and select a new resolution. The refresh rate changes automatically for each resolution selected. To view the changes on the desktop, select the Apply button.

Close Screen Resolution Dialog

When you have completed your changes to the screen resolution, select the Close button.

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