171. Delete Evolution Items

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The end result of deleting items in Evolution really depends on the item you are deleting. Deleted messages are placed in the Trash folder. This allows you to recover the message if it has been deleted inadvertently. When you delete contacts, appointments, and tasks, you aren't really given a second chance in terms of recovering the deleted item. They are removed from Evolution completely.

Delete Message

With the Inbox selected, right-click on any message and select Delete from the shortcut menu. The message is deleted from the Inbox.


You can select multiple messages and then delete them by pressing the Delete key.

View Messages in Trash Folder

Select the Trash folder in the Folder list. Deleted messages are held in the Trash folder until you empty the trash or exit Evolution (and have configured Evolution to automatically empty the Trash folder on exiting).


To configure Evolution to automatically empty the Trash folder on exiting, go to the Mail Preferences in the Evolution Settings dialog. Select the Empty Trash Folders on Exit check box on the General tab of the Mail Preferences.


You can undelete a message in the Trash folder (which returns it to the folder that held it before the deletion). Right-click on the message and select Undelete.

Delete Appointment

When you delete items such as appointments or tasks, you don't have the luxury of recovering them from a Trash folder (as you do with messages). With the Calendars shortcut selected, right-click on an appointment on the daily calendar. Select Delete from the shortcut menu.

Confirm Appointment Deletion

An Evolution Query dialog box opens that lets you know that the item will be permanently deleted from Evolution; select Delete to remove the item.

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