162. Create Appointments

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You can create a new appointment for the current day or a future date (by selecting the date on the months shown). Appointment information that you enter includes an appointment summary, location, and starting time, and you can also set a reminder for the appointment. Appointments that you specify as All Day appear in the gray header area of the current day (or the day that you placed the appointment on).

Open New Appointment

In the Evolution calendar window (select Calendars shortcut), select the New drop-down button on the toolbar and select Appointment. The Appointment dialog box opens.


You can quickly start a new appointment by double-clicking on a blank space on your daily calendar.


Make sure that the calendars you want to view in the calendar pane are selected in the Calendar list on the left side the Evolution window (select the check box for each calendar you want to view).

Enter Summary, Location, and Description

Enter a summary for the appointment. You can also type an optional location and description for the appointment.

Select Classification

To classify the appointment as Public, Private, or Confidential select the Classification drop-down list and make a selection.


Marking an appointment as private or confidential is really only necessary when you are using group calendars on a network. In this type of groupware environment, public appointments would be available to other users; private appointments would not.

Select Calendar

Select the Calendar drop-down box and select the calendar for the appointment. The calendar you select determines the color-coding for the appointment.

Set Start Time, End Time, and Reminder

Use the Start Time and End Time drop-down lists to set the start and end times for the appointment, respectively. To set a reminder for the appointment, select the Alarm drop-down list and make a selection on the list (such as 1 Hour Before Appointment).


If the appointment is an all-day event, select the All Day Event check box to mark the entire day as "busy."


If you want to customize the alarm for the appointment, select the Customize button. You can then customize your alarm by selecting the Add button in the Add Alarm dialog box. Custom alarms can start a particular program or play a particular sound when the alarm is triggered.

Save Appointment

After you have finished entering the information and the time frame for the appointment, click OK. The appointment is added to your calendar.


For a recurring appointment, select the Recurrence tab on the appointment's dialog box. Select the This Appointment Recurs check box and then use the spinner boxes to set the time period for the appointment's recurrence.

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