102. Use the Stylist

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The Stylist provides a number of predefined styles including character and paragraph styles. The Stylist can be opened by selecting the Stylist button on the Function bar.

Before You Begin

101 About Writer Styles

Open Stylist

Select the Stylist button on the Function bar to open the Stylist.


You can dock the Stylist. Hold down the Ctrl key and drag the Stylist to the left side of the Writer window. The Stylist will be docked to the left of the Main toolbar. To undock the Stylist hold down the Ctrl key and drag the Stylist (by the top of the Stylist pane) back onto the Writer application window.

Select Word or Paragraph

Place the cursor (click the I-beam) in the word or paragraph that you will assign the style to. To assign a style to multiple words or paragraphs select the words or paragraph.

Assign Style

Double-click a style in the Stylist to assign it to the text or paragraph.


Use the buttons on the top left of the Stylist to switch between the different types of styles available such as character and paragraph.

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