88. About Other NLD Internet Communication Tools

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NLD offers other Internet communication tools that you can use. These tools include an Internet Relay Chat client, a videoconferencing client, and an FTP client.

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is the grandfather (or grandmother if you prefer) of Internet chat platforms. Users log on to IRC channels, which are discussion groups that allow real-time conversations between the participants in that channel.

IRC provides channels for many subject areas. It is actually a good place to gather information about computers, gardening, or just about anything else. However, like Usenet, some channels will definitely make you blush, and you may want to avoid the channels that offend your sensibilities (which you have to decide).

To use IRC (select Internet and then IRC Client), you connect to a network (there are many IRC networks, such as Dalnet). After you are connected to a network, you can select a channel and participate in a chat on that channel.

The X-Chat IRC client allows you to participate in IRC channel chats.


IRC channels are moderated by owner of that channel (the person who originated the channel). They have the ability to knock users out of the channel for inappropriate behavior. So, behave.

Another Internet tool provided by NLD is the GnomeMeeting voice and videoconferencing software. This software allows you to do voice and videoconferencing over the Internet using a microphone and an optional USB webcam (or other camera configuration).

GnomeMeeting provides the ability to communicate via text, voice, or video over the Internet. In terms of voice communication, connect a microphone to your system and then run the GnomeMeeting Configuration Druid, which runs the first time you start GnomeMeeting or can be started from the Edit menu.

In terms of configuring GnomeMeeting for videoconferencing, USB webcams can be a problem because many manufacturers of these small USB cameras don't provide support for the Linux platform. You can attempt to use the Configuration Druid to get your video camera running. If it does not work, you need to do some research on the Web, and you may be able to get GnomeMeeting up and running with your webcam or other video camera. Start you research at wwww.gnomemeeting.org.

Another tool that you may need in certain circumstances is the gFTP client. FTP or File Transfer Protocol is the protocol used to download and upload files on the Internet. Web browsers such as Firefox have FTP capabilities built in, so most of the time you don't necessarily need an FTP client. However, if you need to access an FTP server that requires a username and a password to download or upload files, you need an FTP client such as gFTP.

The gFTP client allows you to access FTP sites that require a username and password.

To use gFTP (select Programs, Internet, More, and then FTP Client), you need to know the URL for the FTP site (typically ftp://sitename.com) and your username and password. All three of these items are entered in the gFTP window. You can then connect to the site and view the folders and files available on the site. The gFTP site provides a number of bookmarked FTP sites that you can explore using gFTP (select a site from the Bookmarks menu).

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