10 Minute Guide to Microsoft Access 2002
By Joe Habraken
Table of Contents

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Sample Tables list 
Save As box
    saving forms 
Save As dialog box
    naming forms 
    saving form structure 
Save As Query command (File Menu) 
Save button
    Design toolbar 
    Form Design toolbar 
    Query Design toolbar 
    Relationships toolbar 
    saving table structure 
    Table Datasheet toolbar 
    Table Design toolbar 
Save In drop-down box 
Save In drop-down list 
    table structure 
saving (automatically)
    Design View 
saving data in list or combo boxes 
saving filters
saving forms
    Save As box 
saving queries  2nd 
saving relationships 
saving tab orders 
saving tables 
screen elements
    Access  2nd  3rd 
    Access toolbars  
    Help features 
Search button  2nd 
Search Fields As Formatted option 
Search tab
    Find and Replace dialog box 
searching for Access 
searching for data
    Find feature  2nd  3rd 
searching for help topics
    Answer Wizard tab 
    Index tab 
select queries
select query
Select Topic to Display box 
Selected Fields list  2nd  3rd 
    adding or deleting fields 
Selected Record(s) button 
selecting blocks of fields
    dragging fields 
selecting control labels 
selecting control types 
selecting Control Wizards 
selecting Control Wizards button 
selecting controls 
selecting data
    Filter by Selection 
    multi-table queries 
selecting database (creating) methods   2nd 
selecting database template options 
selecting display styles 
selecting field content 
selecting field sources
selecting fields 
    forms  2nd 
    Report Wizard 
    Simple Query Wizard 
selecting form layout types 
selecting Help topics
    Contents tab 
selecting input controls
    option groups 
selecting Label tool 
selecting locations
    database files 
selecting multiple records 
selecting multiple table columns  
selecting names
    database files 
selecting primary keys
selecting primary keys using Table Wizard 
selecting print ranges
    Print dialog box 
selecting printers
    Print dialog box 
selecting query types
    Query menu 
selecting records 
selecting report styles  2nd 
selecting table columns 
selecting table fields 
selecting tables
    multi-table queries 
selecting titles
selecting toolbars
    Access window 
selection handles
    sizing controls 
    sizing labels 
setting columns
    Columns tab 
setting defaults
    file formats 
setting field properties  2nd 
setting Indexed values
setting margins
    Margins tab 
setting page orientations
    Page tab 
setting primary keys  2nd 
    data type 
Setup button
Shift key  2nd  3rd 
Shift+F1 keyboard shortcut 
Shift+F2 keyboard shortcut 
Shift+Tab keyboard shortcut 
    moving in tables 
shorcuts.  [See also keyboard shortcuts]
shortcut icons
shortcut menus
    Ask a Question box 
    Change To 
    Column Width 
    Help topics 
    creating tables 
Show button 
    Help window toolbar 
Show Table button 
Show Table command (Query Menu) 
Show Table command (Relationships Menu) 
Show Table dialog box  2nd  3rd 
    adding tables 
Show the Language Bar button 
Show the Office Assistant command (Help Menu)  2nd 
showing Help window tabs 
Simple Query Wizard  2nd  3rd 
    selecting fields 
Simple Query Wizard dialog box 
Size list box
    Font dialog box options 
Size Mode box 
Size tools
    Formatting Toolbar tools 
sizes.  [See also font sizes]
    controls  2nd 
    labels  2nd 
sizing boxes
    changing control and label sizes 
sizing controls
    selection handles 
sizing field labels 
sizing fields
    table boxes 
sizing images
sizing labels
    selection handles 
sizing objects 
sizing tool
    adjusting column widths 
sizing tools 
Small Icons button
    database window toolbar 
Snap to Grid command
    aligning fields 
Snap to Grid command (Format Menu) 
Sort Ascending button 
    sorting data 
    Table toolbar 
Sort Decending button
    sorting data 
    Table toolbar 
Sort feature
    Datasheet view 
    Form view 
    organizing data  2nd  3rd 
    rearranging records 
sorting data  2nd  3rd 
    queries  2nd 
    Sort Ascending button 
    Sort Decending button 
sorting records
    selected fields 
sorting tables
    insertion points 
sources.  [See also field sources]
    creating in field controls 
special control options
    Form view 
special controls
    adding data to forms 
    adding to forms  2nd 
    combo boxes  2nd  3rd  4th 
    command buttons   2nd  3rd 
    creating option groups  2nd  3rd  4th 
    creating using special controls 
    creating using Toolbox buttons 
    list boxes  2nd  3rd  4th 
special effects
    Formatting Toolbar tools 
special effects ( cell )
special form control options 
specifying tables
    Field list 
Speech command
    Tools Menu  2nd  3rd 
Speech feature 
    accessing commands 
    configuring  2nd  3rd 
     dictate entries 
    memory requirements 
    training  2nd  3rd 
    voice commands  2nd 
Speech feature requirements 
Spelling button
    Table Datasheet toolbar 
Spelling command (Tools Menu) 
Spelling dialog box 
    Add button 
    Change button 
    Ignore button 
    Ignore Field Name button 
spelling errors
    checking in tables 
Spelling feature
    tables  2nd 
spelling mode
    dictating text 
standard deviation
    Total row calculations 
Standard Height
    Row Height dialog box options 
Standard Width
    Column Width dialog box options 
Start button 
    opening Access 
Start menu 
Start menu button 
Start of Field
        Match drop-down list options 
    Control Wizard 
starting Access  2nd 
starting combo boxes 
starting list boxes 
starting new databases
    New File task pane 
starting Office Assistant 
starting Report Wizard 
Startup command
    Tools Menu 
Startup dialog box 
    formula expression
        Total box 
Store That Value in This Field option 
Store the Value in This Field option button 
storing data in list or combo boxes 
storing in fields
    list or combo box data 
storing information
storing values
    option labels 
styles (display)
styles (report)
styles.  [See also font styles]
subform controls 
    creating  2nd 
        multi-table forms 
        Design view 
    creating  2nd 
    grouping information 
substract (-) symbol 
    formula expression
        Total box 
    Total row calculations 
summarizing data
Switchboard window
    navigating databases 
switching views 
    < (less than) 
    <= (less than or equal to)  2nd 
    * (multiply) 
    + (plus)  2nd 
    - (substract) 
    / (divide) 
    = (equal to) 
    = (equal) 
    criteria (queries) 
    less than (<) 
System Tray
    Language bar 


10 Minute Guide to Microsoft Access 2002
10 Minute Guide to Microsoft Access 2002
ISBN: 0789726319
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2000
Pages: 160
Authors: Joe Habraken

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