10 Minute Guide to Microsoft Access 2002
By Joe Habraken
Table of Contents

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label box
label boxes
Label button 
label drawing tool 
Label pointer
    Label tool 
Label tool
    Label pointer 
    adding  2nd 
    dragging using mouse button 
    entering controls 
    entering in option groups 
    sizing using sizing boxes 
labels controls
labels.  [See also control labels]2nd  [See also field labels]3rd  [See also option labels]
    page layout 
Language Bar 
Language bar
    System Tray 
Language Bar icon 
Large Icons button
    database window toolbar 
Last Name
layout (page)
layout options
layout types
layout types (forms)
    selecting  2nd 
Left-arrow key
    keyboard-movement keys 
less than (<) symbol 
    criteria (queries) 
less than or equal to (<=) symbol
    criteria (queries)  2nd 
line breaks
    dictating into tables 
lines.  [See also grid lines]2nd  [See also join lines]
linking controls and table fields 
linking related tables 
    primary keys 
linking table fields and controls 
linking tables
    foreign keys 
    clicking for help topics 
    clicking to navigate Help windows  
    Create Form in Design View 
    navigating Help system 
list box
    creating  2nd  3rd  4th 
    special form control options 
List Box button
list boxes
    entering values 
    special controls  2nd  3rd  4th 
        form grids 
List button
    database window toolbar 
    Available Fields  2nd  3rd 
    Fields in My New Table  2nd 
    Look In 
    Sample Tables 
    Selected Fields  2nd  3rd 
lists.  [See also drop-down lists]
locating bitmap pictures
    Browse button 
locating data
    Find feature  2nd  3rd 
locating database files
    Look In drop-down list 
locating images
    Insert Picture dialog box 
locating records
    Find Duplicates Query Wizard 
    Find Unmatched Query Wizard 
    using Find and Replace dialog box 
    Ask a Question box 
    command buttons  
    task pane 
    selecting for database files 
    entering in databases  2nd 
Look In drop-down list  2nd 
    locating database files 
Look In list 
Look In list drop-down box 
Lookup Wizard
    data types 


10 Minute Guide to Microsoft Access 2002
10 Minute Guide to Microsoft Access 2002
ISBN: 0789726319
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2000
Pages: 160
Authors: Joe Habraken

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