Section C.10. Product Support

C.10. Product Support

Zend is committed to providing the upgrades and support you need to get the most out of your Zend products. When you purchase any product, you receive 60-day installation support free for installation and setup of the product.

Zend Enhanced Product Support is available for a yearly subscription and includes the following:

  • All major product upgrades

  • All minor upgrades

  • Unlimited access to Zend Enhanced Product Support for installation and setup questions

  • Priority Response to all your questions, generally within a few hours of the initial inquiry


Zend Support working hours are Monday to Friday during standard business hours (GMT+2).

C.10.1. Getting Support

There are a number of sources for product support and information:

  • Zend Studio costumers can submit support questions to the helpdesk through the support page at, from your Pickup Depot at, or from the Zend Development Environment's Help menu.

  • Evaluation version users can access the Zend helpdesk only from the Zend Development Environment's help menu. To obtain the support, you must register as a Zend user.

  • You might also be able to find answers to your question in one of our Knowledge-Base articles at

  • For PHP questions, you can access Zend's PHP forum at

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