ColdFusion Resources

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There are many good resources for ColdFusion. The following lists a few that are of great value. You might find that these lead you to other resources that make your ColdFusion coding easier and more powerful.

  • SAMS Teach Yourself SQL in 10 Minutes. Ben Forta. SAMS Publishing. The very best resource for SQL. Small, simple, and complete. No coder should be without this.

  • Macromedia ColdFusion MX Web Application Construction Kit. Ben Forta et al. Macromedia Press. The definitive work on ColdFusion.

  • ColdFusion MX from Static to Dynamic in 10 Steps. Barry Moore. New Riders. An excellent introduction to ColdFusion. Mostly deals with hand-coding, but gives a good basis to work from with more-complicated books.

  • ColdFusion MX Documentation. This is installed with your ColdFusion server and should be available from the Start menu.

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