Guidelines for Submission

This section contains requirements and suggestions for creating extensions that will be submitted to the Exchange.

Follow these guidelines regarding file location:

  • Put no more than three files in the standard extension folders Macromedia requires that each extension can add up to only three files in the standard extension folders (that is, Objects, Commands, and so on). This allows for an HTML file, a linked JavaScript file, and an optional GIF file.

  • Place extra files in a folder in the Shared folder Any files other than the 23 files of the extension itself should go in the Shared folderin a subfolder identified with your name or your company's name .

  • Separate the extension into HTML and JavaScript files This is for all but the simplest extensions. The HTML file should include only local variables , the HTML for the user interface, and links to any needed JavaScript files.

Follow these guidelines regarding scripting:

  • Comment your code.

  • Declare all variables.

  • Give variables informative names .

  • Don't give variables similar names.

  • Use semicolons at the ends of statements.

  • Use curly braces ({}) for clarity.

  • Use consistent indentation. Two spaces per indentation level is Macromedia's default.

  • Spin off small tasks into separate functions.

Make note of these requirements for borrowing Macromedia JavaScript code:

  • Remove any unused material This includes variables, comments that are no longer relevant, and debugging routines. (Don't just comment out the debugging routinesremove them.)

  • Rename variables Change variable names to fit the context in which you're using the variables.

  • Rename Macromedia functions if you modify them In particular, don't retain the MM_ prefix for the name of a modified Macromedia function from a behavior.

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