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The following series of questions and observations is designed to help you figure out how much work you must do to pursue the ICDL certification and what kinds of resources you should consult on your quest. Be absolutely honest in your answers; otherwise , you'll end up wasting money on exams you're not yet ready to take. There are no right or wrong answers, only steps along the path to certification. Only you can decide where you really belong in the broad spectrum of aspiring candidates.

One thing should be clear from the outset, however: hands-on experience with computers and business software products is an essential ingredient to ICDL certification success. Don't expect to pass the exam without ever turning on a computer.

Educational Background

  1. Have you ever taken any computer- related classes? [Yes or No]

    If Yes, proceed to Question 2; if No, proceed to Question 3.

  2. Have you taken any classes on business applications, such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint? [Yes or No]

    If Yes, you should review the list of modules in the ICDL to see which ones you are most familiar with. Because you can take the ICDL exams in any order, you might want to start with the exams that you're sure you can pass.

Hands-On Experience

  1. Have you worked with a modern personal computer system such as a Macintosh or IBM PC compatible system? [Yes or No]

    If Yes, you should be familiar with the main topics covered in Module 2 of the ICDL, "Using the Computer and Managing Files." If No, it's critical that you get access to a computer to practice your skills before you take the ICDL. If you can't afford to purchase a personal computer, investigate free alternatives such as your local library.

  2. Have you worked with a recent version of Microsoft Office? [Yes or No]

    If yes, you should be well prepared for the application modules in the ICDL. If No, you should obtain a copy of Office to install on your computer. There's a low-cost Students and Teachers edition that you can buy if you're taking classes anywhere .

    You should also consider buying a good all-in-one reference book to help you learn how the Office applications work. Classes at your local high school or community college are another good avenue to get this experience.

  3. Have you worked through the review questions in this book? [Yes or No]

    If Yes, and you scored 70% or better, you're probably ready to tackle the real thing. If your score isn't above that threshold, keep at it until you break that barrier .

    If No, review the material again, practice with the review questions on the CD, and then see whether you feel you know the material. Keep at it until you can break the passing threshold comfortably.

If you feel you need more fundamental information on computer fundamentals, or you would like an extra book to supplement this ICDL Exam Cram 2 , check out Que Publishing's Absolute Beginner's Guide to Computer Basics by Michael Miller (ISBN 0-7897-2896-6).

Testing Your Exam Readiness

Whether you attend a formal class on a specific topic to get ready for an exam or use written materials to study on your own, some preparation for the ICDL exams is essential. At $20 a try, pass or fail, you want to do everything you can to pass on your first try. That's where studying comes in.

We have included two sets of review questions in this book (Chapters 9 and 11), so if you don't score that well on the first, you can study more and then tackle the second.

For any given subject, consider taking a class if you've tackled self-study materials, taken the test, and failed anyway. The opportunity to interact with an instructor and fellow students can make all the difference in the world, if you can afford that privilege. For information about authorized ICDL courseware and training, visit http://www.icdlus.com/courseware.html.

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