Appendix C. Glossary

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Types of Certification

Currently, Microsoft offers seven types of certification, based on specific areas of expertise:

  • Microsoft Certified Professional ( MCP ) ‚ An MCP is qualified to implement a Microsoft product or technology as part of a business solution in an organization. Candidates can take elective exams to develop areas of specialization. MCP is the base level of expertise.

  • Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator ( MCSA ) ‚ An MCSA is qualified to implement, manage, and troubleshoot existing network and system environments based on the Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows .NET Server platforms.

  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer ( MCSE ) ‚ An MCSE is qualified to analyze business requirements and design and implement the infrastructure for business solutions based on the Microsoft Windows 2000 platform and Microsoft server software. The MCSE credential is the next step up from the MCSA.

  • Microsoft Certified Application Developer ( MCAD ) ‚ An MCAD is qualified to use Microsoft technologies to develop and maintain department-level applications, components , Web or desktop clients , and back-end data services. This is the entry-level developer certification.

  • Microsoft Certified Solution Developer ( MCSD ) ‚ An MCSD is qualified to design and develop leading-edge business solutions by using Microsoft development tools, technologies, and platforms, including Microsoft Office and Microsoft BackOffice. MCSD is the highest level of expertise that has a focus on software development.

  • Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA) ‚ An MCDBA is qualified to implement and administer Microsoft SQL Server databases.

  • Microsoft Certified Trainer ( MCT ) ‚ An MCT is instructionally and technically qualified to deliver Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) and MSDN training courses.


Keep Yourself Updated Microsoft's certifications and the exams that lead to them are under constant revision. For up-to-date information about each type of certification, visit the Microsoft Training & Certification Web site, at You can also contact the following sources:

  • Microsoft Regional Education Service Center for North America: 800-635-7544


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