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Appendix A. ADO.NET Basics


Although there are no objectives on the exam that directly test your knowledge of ADO.NET, you'll find that ADO.NET knowledge is assumed by many of the objectives. In this appendix, you'll learn the basics of ADO.NET, its architecture, and its most useful objects.



ADO.NET Architecture

The ADO.NET Object Model

Data Providers and Their Objects

The SqlConnection Object

The SqlCommand and SqlParameter Objects

The SqlDataReader Object

The SqlDataAdapter Object

The DataSet Objects

The DataSet Object

The DataTable Object

The DataRelation Object

The DataRow Object

The DataColumn Object

The DataView Object

Using DataSets

Populating a DataSet from a Database

Moving Around in DataSets and Retrieving Data

Using Strongly Typed DataSets

DataSets with Multiple Tables

Finding and Sorting Data in DataSets

Editing Data with ADO.NET

Updating Data

Adding Data

Deleting Data

Appendix Summary

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