Who Is This Book For?

As its title suggests, this book tackles the Fedora operating system and its components from a beginners standpoint. However, given the breadth of the operating system alone, not to mention the wealth of applications distributed with it, this book could not attempt to cover all of the topics expected from everybody.

Instead, it is written for those who have used an operating system before, such as Apples Macintosh, UNIX, or more likely, one of the many versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system. This book builds upon what you already know about operating systems, such as graphical user interfaces, filesystems, and applications, so that you can get up and running with Fedora faster. However, it is a beginners book and for those of you that have had no prior experience, the book still provides a great insight and starting place for installing and using Fedora 2.

Beginning Fedora 2
Beginning Fedora 2
ISBN: 0764569961
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 170

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