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"Work expands to fill the time available."

Parkinson's Law

At the moment, most people would agree that the server is the place to concentrate efforts. We've tried our best to say so ourselves : even in this chapter, we felt it was necessary to devote some space toward a fuller understanding of what a server is.

If there are many client computers, and they're far away, and they're all a little different, then it's too much trouble to deploy and code for all the computers. So quite apart from performance considerations, there are reasons that large organizations avoid writing custom code solutions for client computers. In other words, administrative reasons have made client-specific coding less popular than it would be if performance were the trump goal. In such situations, consider applying our client tips to your middleware code instead.

There are many things that you can and should do with a client, provided you keep within its proper gamut : preparing queries and massaging results. There are many things an intelligent front end can do to make a server's job easiernot by sharing the load, but by reducing it.

Bottom line: client good, network good, middleware good, server good. All client/server goodeven if Oracle Corporation's CEO did once say that "client/server was a tremendous mistake."


SQL Performance Tuning
SQL Performance Tuning
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