Chapter 4: Project Executing


Project executing is the third of the four stages in the project lifecycle, as highlighted in Table 4-1. This is the time when most of the actual hands on project work is accomplished and most of the money is spent as plans are implemented. In many types of projects, this stage is divided into more detailed stages. For example, on many information systems projects the executing stage may include development, coding, test, and deployment. Construction projects may include procurement, construction, and start-up as parts of project execution.

Table 4-1: Project Leader Responsibilities: Executing

Category of Project Leadership Task

Project Leadership Stage





Project Priorities

Align project with parent organization

Understand and respond to the customer

Authorize work

Audit project

Project Details

Perform risk analysis

Oversee detailed plan development

Monitor progress and control changes

Terminate project

Project Integration

Justify and select project

Integrate project plans

Coordinate work across multiple projects

Capture and share lessons learned

Human Resources

Select key project participants

Select remainder of project participants

Supervise work performance

Reassign workers

Human Relations

Determine team operating methods

Develop communications plan

Lead teams

Reward and recognize participants

Project Promotion

Develop top management support

Motivate all participants

Maintain morale

Celebrate project completion

Project Commitment

Commit to project

Secure key stakeholder approval

Secure customer acceptance

Oversee administrative closure

Regardless of the substages that may be included in a particular type of project, all projects share certain types of project leadership tasks during project execution. These include:

  • Authorize work

  • Monitor progress and control changes

  • Coordinate work across multiple projects

  • Supervise work performance

  • Lead teams

  • Maintain morale

  • Secure customer acceptance.

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