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       applications, caching  
data entry
       database entry matching  
       input fields, matching  
       pattern matching  
       range requirements  
       requiring in field  
data types, serialized, custom objects  
DataAdapter method, performance and  
       entry matching, data entry and  
       images stored, displaying  
       SQL Server, data access speed  
       uploaded file contents  
DataBinder.Eval method  
DataFormatString attribute, DataGrid control  
DataGrid control  
       AllowCustomPaging attribute  
       AllowPaging attribute  
       AllowSorting attribute  
        columnar data, formatting  
       date formatting  
       editing data  
       first/last button  
        next /previous navigation  
       number formatting  
               sorting and  
       ReadXml method  
               deletion confirmation  
               details pop up  
               selection within  
               totals row  
       SortExpression attribute  
                ascending /descending  
               paging and  
       sorting data  
DataList control  
       Hashtable class and  
       navigation bar and  
DataReader method
       performance and  
       read-only data access  
DataSet class, ReadXml method  
datasets, XML files and  
date formatting, DataGrid  
decimal places in number formats  
deleting rows, confirming from DataGrid control  
<deny> element  
descending sort , DataGrid  
destination user controls  
direct page navigation, DataGrid control  
Directory class, downloading from web server  
       error messages   2nd  
       tabular format, controls  
       XML file data  
DocumentSource property  
downloading files from web server  
downloads, file download handler creation  
drawing button images on the fly  
drop-down lists, requiring selection  
dual-use components , tracing and  
dynamic images  
       bar charts , creating on the fly  
       databases, displaying stored  
       thumbnails, displaying  


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