Use Software Update to Install Apple Software Updates

Software Update checks for new versions of any Apple software you have installed and (if you set it to do so) downloads them automatically. However, as I mentioned in Download Software Updates (page 34), you may wish to hold off on installing the downloaded updates until you have more free time and have checked to make sure they contain no serious flaws. When you're ready to install the updates, follow these steps:


Choose Software Update from the Apple menu. Software Update checks for updates and displays a list of any it finds, including those it has already downloaded but not yet installed (Figure 6). (If no updates are available, Software Update displays a message that says "Your software is up to date." Click OK, and skip the rest of these steps.)

Figure 6. Select software updates to install in this window.


Check the boxes in the Install column for the items you want to install. (Items with a icon require a restart after installation.)


Some items may not apply to you. For example, if you don't have an iPod, AirPort base station, or iSight camera, you can skip software updates for these items. In such cases, you can prevent Software Update from listing an item the next time it opens by selecting the item and clicking Delete. (If you later wish to see items you removed in this way, choose Software Update > Reset Ignored Updates.)


Click Install, and click through any license agreements that appear.

Software Update installs your new software, prompting you to restart if necessary. If no restart is necessary, click Quit.

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