Chapter 5. Quick Songs with Patterns and Loops

Chapter 5. Quick Songs with Patterns and Loops

New software makes mixing musical elements more like playing with blocks: combine pre-built elements, like musical patterns and recorded sound loops, and within minutes you can produce a piece of music that sounds like a professionally recorded song. You can use this as-is or as a sketch for creating original material.


Quick Songs with Patterns and Loops

We'll apply the building-blocks production approach, using audio loops and patterns, to two scenarios:

Create a Backing Track with Apple GarageBand

  • Build a linear song arrangement

  • Mix and export music to a CD or iPod

Build a Custom Groovebox with Cakewalk Kinetic

  • Edit and assemble individual grooves

  • Apply basic effects

  • Play an interactive song structure from a keyboard

Essential Terms

  • Loops

  • Patterns

Where to Start

You can use loops and patterns with many applications, so if you've already got a sequencer, fire it up and try working with the free loops included on the DVD. In this chapter we'll work with applications that import and play loops. Tutorial files are located on the DVD so you can hear the finished project.

Mac: Apple GarageBand ( is available preinstalled on recent Mac models and is included in Apple's iLife application (; Apple Soundtrack (part of Final Cut Pro) and Logic Express/Pro have similar features.

Windows: Cakewalk Kinetic ( is available in a fully functional demo version included on this book's DVD.

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