New Features of Mail

New enhancements to Lotus Notes Mail help you create, sort, follow up, save, and locate mail items more efficiently.

  • Faster follow up formatting You can now drag and drop an email message to the Follow Up view. You can also access the follow up menu by clicking on a Follow Up item with your right mouse button. To learn more about Follow Up, see Chapter 4, "Managing Mail."

  • Sort by Subject You can now sort by Subject in all of your mail views by clicking on the Subject header of the mail view.

  • Find the folder where a document is stored To locate which folders a document is stored in, go to your Inbox and click the Folders button on the Action bar. Choose Discover Folders and a new dialog box displays the list of folders that contain the document you've selected. To switch to one of those folders click Open Folder. From this dialog box you can also add or remove the document from folders.

  • Auto Save If you've ever had a power failure or computer lockup while writing a lengthy email in Notes, you'll love this new feature. Now Notes can automatically save your work as you create it. To enable this feature, create a local Auto Save database by choosing File, Preferences, User Preferences from the menu. Under Startup Options select AutoSave Every 15 minutes and click OK. To learn more, see Chapter 19.

  • Mark messages to show whether your name is in the "To" or "cc" field To help you determine how much of the responsibility to reply to a message is yours, you can display icons in your mail views which indicate whether your name appears in the "To" or "cc" field of an email. To enable this new feature, open your mail database and choose Actions, Tools, Preferences from the menu. Under Mail click the Message Marking tab. Click the Recipients tab. Select your icon display preferences. To learn more about this new feature, see Chapter 8, "Setting Mail and Calendar Preferences."

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