Deleting Attachments

To delete the attached file, do the following:

  1. Double-click the attached file icon.

  2. Click the Delete button on the Properties box.

  3. This removes the file from your email but first gives you a warning, as shown in Figure 15.5.

  4. Click Yes to proceed and delete the attachment. A notation appears in the memo stating the attachment file name and who deleted it.

Figure 15.5. The Delete Attachment dialog box warns you that deleting a file cannot be undone. Deleting a file from an email does not save the file to your hard drive. Instead, it deletes the file completely.

There are three possible reasons for failing to view or open an attachment. First, the Attachment Viewer must be installed on your PC in order to view the attachment. If it is not, consult with your Notes administrator. Second, the file you are trying to view must be one supported by Lotus Notes. Many types of files are supported by Lotus Notes; for a complete list, consult the Help database and from the Index view, do a quick search for attachments. Then click supported file formats, select Opening, saving or deleting attachments and click on To view file attachments. Lastly, if you're trying to launch the attachment, you must have access to the application that can display the file format.

When you reply with history to a mail message that has an attached file, or forward the message, you might not want to send the attachment on to the next recipient. You don't have to delete it from the reply; Notes will do that for you if you choose Reply without Attachment(s) or Forward without Attachment(s).

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