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To make a Null Printer Cable for use with a PLIP connection, you need two 25-pin connectors (called DB-25) and some 11-conductor cable. The cable must be at most 15-meters long.

If you look at the connector, you should be able to read tiny numbers at the base of each pin, from 1 for the pin top left (if you hold the broader side up) to 25 for the pin bottom right. For the Null Printer cable, you have to connect the following pins of both connectors with each other:

   D0        2  ---  15    ERROR            D1        3  ---  13    SLCT     D2        4  ---  12    PAPOUT           D3        5  ---  10    ACK              D4        6  ---  11    BUSY     GROUND   25  ---  25    GROUND           ERROR    15  ---   2    D0               SLCT     13  ---   3    D1               PAPOUT   12  ---   4    D2               ACK      10  ---   5    D3               BUSY     11  ---   6    D4
All remaining pins remain unconnected. If the cable is shielded, the shield should be connected to the DB-25's metallic shell on one end only.

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