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AlpVision, located in Switzerland, provides digital multimedia data watermarking, multimedia data security, and image and video processing services. AlpVision's products of interest are SignIt!, LabelIt!, and digital video watermarking services.


SignIt! is digital image processing software that can hide and retrieve an invisible registration number from a signed image. The registration number is hidden everywhere in the image and cannot be seen by the naked eye. It is impossible to remove the embedded registration number without altering the image in a visible way.

In combination with the Inter Deposit Digital Number (IDDN), SignIt! helps you protect the copyright of your images. The IDDN number uniquely identifies your original work and provides legally valid copyright protection of your image. By linking your image to the IDDN number, SignIt! allows you to track your images after distributing them and to identify illegal copies. This unique combination of IDDN's worldwide trusted registration procedure and AlpVision's digital watermarking technology currently provides one of the most effective and efficient copyright protection systems.


The LabelIt! application enables you to hide a string of 20 characters in any scanned picture, meaning that whatever the electronic image is used for (word, publishing, e-mail, Web site, etc.) it will always be possible to know the original material from which it was scanned.

Digital Video Watermarking

AlpVision video watermarking technology enables you to hide data in digital or analog video. This data can be used for tracking, fingerprinting, copyright infringement detection, or any other application that requires some hidden data.


PhotoCheck creates a protected image with an identification number. This number is embedded in the image and it is also written in cleartext below the picture. This new image can then be saved and used, for instance, with plastic card printers. More generally, any printer can use this image to output secured identification documents.

The second operation is to check the validity of an identification document that has been created by PhotoCheck. Once the document has been placed on the scanner, the operator just presses the "check document" button. This automatically starts the scanning process and document analysis. After a few seconds, a window pops up and informs the user whether the document has been counterfeited or is valid.

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Investigator's Guide to Steganography
Investigators Guide to Steganography
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