Chapter 8: A Software Infrastructure for Distributed Applications on Mobile Physical Objects

Mohammed Ada-Hanifi, Serge Martin, Vincent Olive, France T l com R&D,

1 Introduction

In this paper we present some ideas related to work started in the POPCORN project (MOA: DS) and, pursued in the Cybermonde/Pervasif project (sub-project 4). The earlier results were exploited within the cocooning DIN project, in order to develop a generic remote command.

We deal in this context with distributed services in a house. The technologies presented are equally able to cover a range from small things (person or sensor) to large things (national services). This paper is divided into three parts . In the first part, we explain the technology devoted to installation and updating software services involved in the home automation field, through a framework, specified by the OSGi consortium. Moreover, the intended and unintended advantages and limitations of this technology are pointed out. In the second part of this paper, this technology is extended to allow adapted distributed applications to be used by implementing Jonathan middleware is described. The properties of this extension are underlined . Finally, in the third part, we present via an example the first practical results obtained for the generic remote command.

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