List of Tables

Chapter 7: A Model and Software Architecture for Location-management in Smart Devices/Ambient Communication Environments

Table 7.1: Location models

Chapter 12: Wireless Local Area Networks

Table 12.1: The 2,45GHz band ; power of emission and uses
Table 12.2: 5Ghz band: power and use
Table 12.3: HiperLAN/2 PHY layer parameters
Table 12.4: PHY layer transmission modes

Chapter 14: Propagation of Radio Waves Inside and Outside Buildings

Table 14.1: Typical values of attenuation by diffraction (in dB)

Chapter 16: INDEEDHigh Rate Infrared Communications in the "Indoor" Context

Table 16.1: Characteristics of wireless systems at 1550 nm

Chapter 18: Free-space Optical Communication Links

Table 18.1: Manufacturers of free-space optical products
Table 18.2: Annual frequency of fog

Chapter 20: Towards a Description of Information-seeking Tasks Contributing to the Design of Communications Objects and Services

Table 20.1: Mean recall for each value of each variable and difference in mean recall between each mode of each variable
Table 20.2: Mean precision for each value of each variable and difference in mean precision between each mode of each variable

Chapter 24: Powering Communicating Objects

Table 24.1: Characteristics and use of rechargeable batteries

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