Part 10. Tracking Investments

Quicken can help you manage your investment accounts. Investments are any security or asset that you expect to increase in value over time. Investments include CDs, money market funds, stocks, brokerage accounts, employee stock options, treasury bills, 401(k)s, and IRAs, to name a few. You can add an investment account to track all types of investments in Quicken. This part of the book shows you how to use Quicken to manage an account, record transactions, download stock quotes, and more.

You can set up four types of investment accounts: brokerage, IRA or Keogh, 401(k) or 403(b), or single mutual fund. Before you begin, be sure to have your latest account statement handy. Quicken's Account Setup will ask you to fill in a variety of data to describe the investment. If you're lucky and your institution offers online services, you can simply download your account information directly into Quicken and save yourself some typing.

Quicken's Investing Center keeps your investment portfolio in one convenient spot. A portfolio is the total of all your investments. From the Investing Center, you can analyze your investments, view their performance, and check their daily values.

This part of the book explains the basics of Quicken's investing features.

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