Section 53. Track Audio Volume

53. Track Audio Volume


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53. Track Audio Volume

If you don't keep an eye on the audio levels in your movie project, you might have a surprise after you view the DVD on a television. Even though the audio might sound okay on your computer speakers, it might not sound that way after putting it onto a DVD or exporting the movie project. One of the ways to avoid audio volume issues in a pro-active way is by using the Audio Meters feature.

The Audio Meters window helps you determine whether any portions, or possibly all, of your audio clips are over (or under) the recommended levels. To monitor your audio levels, open the Audio Meters window and play your clip while watching what the meters do.


Choose Windows, Audio Meters

From the menu at the top of your screen, choose Windows, Audio Meters to open the Audio Meters window.


Play the Clip

With the Audio Meters window open on your screen, click the Play button in the Monitor panel to play your clip. If you have the time, you can play the entire movie.


It is not necessary to view the Audio Meters for the entire clip unless you have good reason to do so. You can spot check the clip by scrubbing through the clip, primarily checking the louder portions. You just want to make sure that the audio is not off the scale anywhere. At some point, however, you are going to have to listen to the entire movie, making sure that the audio is at reasonable levels. You wouldn't want your viewers to get a big surprise when they watch your movie.


Watch for the Audio Peaks

Watch to see where the peaks are in the audio track of the clip. Peaks of 6db or above (between 6 and 0) should be adjusted; peaks of 0 or more (constant red in the audio monitor) must be adjusted or the output will be poor. The tasks that follow show you how to adjust the volume and other audio properties.


Watch for levels that get above 6db (between 6 and 0) and adjust the volume accordingly. Constant levels of between 12db and 6db, with the peaks below 0db, are the best. An average level of 6db is optimal.

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