Section 42. Group Clips

42. Group Clips


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33 Add or Move a Clip on the Timeline


41 Move Several Clips at Once

64 Copy Effect Attributes from One Clip to Another

Another means of manipulating or moving multiple clips is by grouping them. Unlike the temporary group you created in 41 Move Several Clips at Once, officially grouped clips stay together. In the previous task, lassoing or selecting multiple clips groups the clips only until you click something else. When you group clips, they stay groupedat least until you ungroup them. If you know you will be moving or copying several clips together on a consistent basis, consider grouping them.

42. Group Clips


Select Clips to Be Grouped

Drag across multiple clips to lasso the adjacent clips you want to group together. Alternatively, hold the Shift key and click to select multiple disparate clips.


Right-click One of the Selected Clips

Right-click any one of the selected clips to open the clip context menu.


Choose Group

From the context menu, choose Group. From that point on, whenever you click one of the grouped clips, all the clips in the group are selected.


If you rotate one clip in a group, all the clips in the group rotate. Basically, anything you do to one of the clips in the group is applied to all the clipswith the exception of transitions or effects.


Ungroup Clips

You ungroup clips in the same way you group them: Right-click any one of the grouped clips and choose Ungroup from the context menu. All the clips in that group return to being separate clips.

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