Section 41. Move Several Clips at Once

41. Move Several Clips at Once


33 Add or Move a Clip on the Timeline


42 Group Clips

Sometimes it becomes necessary to move a number of clips all at the same time to the same area of the Timeline. In this and the following task, 42 Group Clips, we will show you how to work with multiple clips as if they were a single entity.


Click to the Right of the Clips to Be Moved

Move the mouse pointer just to the right of the clips you want to move. Click and hold the left mouse button.


Drag to Lasso the Desired Clips

While holding down the left mouse button, drag across the clips you want to move. When you have lassoed them all, release the mouse button. All the clips you dragged across are now selected, effectively making them one neat little selected package.


You can also select multiple clips by holding the Shift key while clicking the clips. With this approach, the clips do not have to be in consecutive order on the Timelineyou can select multiple clips from any location on the Timeline.


Drag Any One of the Selected Clips

Click any one of the selected clips and drag to move them all together. Drag the group of clips to a new location on the Timeline. Notice that even though you are dragging only one of the clips, all the other selected clips go along for the ride.


Drop the Selected Clips in the New Position

When you find the new location for your clips, release the mouse button. The clips drop in their newly selected location.

41. Move Several Clips at Once

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