Section 16. Create and Use Media Folders

16. Create and Use Media Folders


13 About the Media Panel

14 Add Media with the Adobe Media Downloader


17 Sort the Media Panel by Different Characteristics

Something that will help you stay organized is the ability to add folders to the Media panel. You can name these folders anything you want, and they will hold any number of clips. You can expand and collapse the folders, saving space in the Media panel, and you can use the folders to organize your clips better. In 14 Add Media with the Adobe Media Downloader, you learned that it was possible to add an entire folder of images to the Media panel. When you do that, the folder appears in the Media panel with all its images contained within it. You also have the option of adding and naming an empty folder and dragging clips or images into it. You open and close the folders by clicking the little arrow to the left of the folder. This feature helps keep your Media panel nice and tidyas well as making it a bit easier to find and keep track of things.


Click New Folder

At the bottom of the Media panel is a small folder icon. Click this icon to create a new folder in the Media panel.


Name Your New Folder

After the folder is created in the Media panel, you can give the new folder a name. Make sure to use a name that will clearly explain what is inside, such as a particular date or event (for example, My Wedding or Heather 1995). Press Enter after you have typed the name of the new folder.


To rename an existing folder, simply click the folder name; when the text becomes editable, type the new name.

16. Create and Use Media Folders


Drag and Drop Clips to and from Your New Folder

After naming the folder, all there is left to do is drag your clips into it. You can drag clips from other folders into the new folder, drag clips that exist in the Media panel but not in a folder, or drag clips from Windows Explorer or My Computer. You can move clips to and from folders as often as you like; you also can add as many folders as you need. You can nest folders inside each other (and even nest folders inside those nested folders). Just drag and drop one folder onto another to make it a subfolder. Access the subfolders by clicking the little arrow in front of the folder icon.

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