Chapter 13. Adding Text, Creating Titles, Making Credits


95 About Titles

96 Use and Customize a Title Template

97 Create a Title Overlay for Your Video

98 Customize a Title Text Font

99 Create Rolling and Moving Credits

100 Create Custom Motion for Text

101 Create a Star WarsStyle Credit Roll

102 Save Your Title

103 Create a Title from Scratch

If the workspaces you spent the most time in were put on a top-four list, Titles would be number two, right behind the Edit workspace. Titles make your movie unique and give it that professional look. Premiere Elements gives you 10 categories of predesigned title templates; with more than 60 titles and an average of four variations of each title, that's more than 240 title templates.


Title An image used to display credits, the name of a movie, identify people or places when they appear in a movie, or to superimpose text.

Some of the uses for titles are rolling credits, movie intros, lists, framing a scene or still, track mattes, and lower thirds. Every time you watch a television show or go to a movie, you see titles. The intro is a title, the credits are a title, breaks before commercials are titles, and any time text or a shape is shown over video (or a video is shown through the text or shape), you're seeing a title. You see lower-third titles whenever you watch the newsthey are the titles at the bottom of the screen with the reporters' names. Track mattes are used to make text move across a screen with video behind the text remaining stationary, or to have text remaining stationary with video behind the text moving.

With Premiere Elements, titles are easy to create; the program gives you many templates to help you get started. You can use the templates as they are, or you can customize them to suit your particular project. You can even start from scratch with a blank canvas and make your very own creation. It doesn't matter if you use or customize the templates or create titles from scratchtitles are a lot of fun.

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