Chapter 11. Special Effects


74 About Advanced Effects

75 Control a Video Effect with Keyframes

76 Make an Area of a Clip Transparent

77 Create a Picture-in-Picture Effect

78 Add a Lens Flare

79 Add a Strobe Effect

80 Add a Lightning Bolt Effect

81 Rotate a Clip in Section 3D

82 Replace a Color

83 Morph a Clip into a Painting

Adding special effects to your video project is both fun and easy using Premiere Elements. Premiere Elements offers a variety of professional-level effects for adjusting your image and sound as well as a variety of cool, instant effects for adding lightning bolts, strobes, and picture-in-picture effects, each one infinitely customizable.

Adobe Premiere Elements 2 in a Snap
Adobe Premiere Elements 2 in a Snap
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