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Chapter 18.  Using and Implementing Web Services

Choosing Web Access Methods

Web access methods indicate how Web Services are made available across a network. There are two options to choose from: File-share access and FrontPage Server Extensions Access. The Web Settings page of the Property Pages (see Figure 18.9) is used to indicate Web access.

Figure 18.9. Specifying the Web Access Method is accomplished in the Property Pages as shown.


The File-share access method uses Windows-based file management commands, and the FrontPage Server Extensions access uses FrontPage Server Extensions and the HTTP protocol. There are two considerations you need to resolve before choosing a Web access method: the location of the Web Service and whether or not you are using Source Control.


The FrontPage Web Access method is not recommended for a multiuser development environment.

File-share access is appropriate for Web Services that will reside on a local intranetyour own desktop, for exampleand for Web Servers shared over the Internet, use FrontPage Server Extensions. However, there are limiting factors related to FrontPage source control. When you're using FrontPage, only one copy of the project exists and all developers are working on a single copy of the project. Further, if you use FrontPage Server Extensions, those projects can only be opened under FrontPage control. The file-share Web access method is recommended for a multiuser development environment.

Although it is recommended that you select the access method before creating a project, you can switch the Web access method after the project is created. To change the Web Access Method after a project is created, modify the Web Access method in the Property Pages and close and then re-open the project.


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