Chapter 8: Introduction to SOAP and WSDL

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In This Chapter

  • Introducing SOAP

  • Introducing the XSLT by using XMLSPY

  • Writing XSLT scripts

  • Referencing XML elements

Consider the following phrases: Guten Tag, Tach, Moin Moin, Gruess Gott, Gruess Dich, Gruezti, Sali, Glueck Auf. All these phrases are greetings in the Germanic language. The difference among the various greetings is that each greeting comes from a different region of the Germanic world. Yet the people in the different regions understand that all these phrases are greetings. How is that? The answer is that the phrases are based on the concept of a greeting.

Now consider a Web service. A Web service sends out data, and (you hope) the other end of the Web service picks up this data. How do the two ends of the Web service understand the data? The answer is a Web Services Description Language (WSDL) file. The WSDL file defines what a Web service is and what it represents. Consider a WSDL file as the dictionary and grammar engine of Web services. In this chapter, I try to help you understand SOAP and WSDL and how to use them. Specifically, I discuss how to create and design a WSDL service, as well as how to debug a Web service.

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