Abstract from the Needs and Processes Revision Report

"Technologically," the current situation of the credit unions is hybrid. It does not represent a uniform data-processing environment. Indeed, each province, each Central and often each individual Credit Union has its own specific information systems. During the opportunity study, several dozens of different technological combinations were identified. In this context, the innovation of this project consists in developing a software application which can be sold and installed at the customer institution with the minimum of adaptation and personalization while at the same time having to support the maximum of data-processing environments already in place. Among the systems that were identified, were: Observation, TLA, Loan-Pro II, RBS, Quick Quote, Loan-Calc II, CUIS-Link, Loan Origination System, XY+ III, AVD/Credit Unions, InsurCalc, Vision West.

The hardware supporting the banking structures comes from numerous manufacturers. Therefore, the client portion of the software had to be compatible with several combinations of hardware and operating systems. The main hardware suppliers were:

  • GEAC

  • Unisys

  • IBM

The operating systems installed on these computers were MVS, VSE and VM.

There were also several micro or minis that were used by the CUs. These systems were used to process the loans, and therefore would have to be integrated with the new application. They run on a wide variety of operating systems, among them: UNIX, DOS, 0S2, Windows NT, Windows under DOS.

All these complex combinations of software and hardware would have to interact simultaneously with Integra's mainframes, which were running on MVS and VSE/ESA.

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