QUIPUDATA is the company charged with providing other units of the Backus Corporation with consultancy services in using information and telecommunications technologies, optimizing processes and organization, and developing a quality management system based on ISO-9000 and ISO-14000 standards. It also provides services for developing maintenance for computers, data processing, computer systems and for network design, set up and maintenance.

Although founded in 1978, QUIPUDATA started its operations on September 12, 1979, in its headquarters at the district of Miraflores in Lima because it was necessary to create a whole IT capacity: trained personnel, suitable equipment, appropriate facilities, and communications infrastructure, particularly scarce resources during those years in Peru.

QUIPUDATA was founded as a data processing service company for the then Backus and Johnston Brewery. Before the former was created, the brewery outsourced its computer services, but the outsourcer was not experienced as was desired and the brewer's management view about the strategic value of information and supporting technology led to champion and support organizing QUIPUDATA to achieve total corporate independence in this area of key services. Such decision was made to organize an independent company, moving one step ahead in current service outsourcing trends during those years in Peru.

The creation of QUIPUDATA as a subsidiary company of Backus & Johnston Brewery was a unique approach and there were not any other companies following this at that time in Peru. The justification to create it as another company different from the brewery was the top management wanted to avoid conflicts originated by the strong brewery union at that time, regarding the high incomes of information technology professionals. When QUIPUDATA was created, a clear definition of requirements and important investments were made.

QUIPUDATA has an outstanding history of IT management; its actions have evolved along two main guidelines: ongoing technological innovation and quality-oriented management. In 1981, the central computer was bought and the accounting and payroll systems were developed. One year later, QUIPUDATA provided batch data processing services to some subsidiaries and dealerships of the brewery. In 1986, the second central computer was purchased together with the first personal computer.

In 1987, QUIPUDATA took the initiative to organize the Corporate Wide IT Committee to design policies and establish IT project priorities; IT service decentralization started. It was identified two system development platforms, the central computer and networks. Two years later, PC assembly and maintenance business started and the first PC network was set up together with the first IT Technology Strategic Plan. In 1990, QUIPUDATA designed an IT development methodology; simultaneously, the data inputting was transferred to users. In 1991, the central computer was upgraded and electronic mail deployed across the corporation together with the Dealers Marketing System Development (SISCOD).

Although 1992 was an exceptionally difficult year due to the social violence caused by Shining Path in Peru, it marked a milestone in QUIPUDATA's history. Organization and methods services provided for Backus & Johnston Brewery launched the Continuous Total Quality Improvement Program (CTQI), and the optical fiber LAN/WAN network was installed.

A year later, Cervecería San Juan S.A. in Pucallpa (450 kilometers east of Lima) and Cervecería del Norte in Motupe (850 kilometers north of Lima) were provided with satellite connection. Backus & Johnston Brewery acquired Compañía Nacional de Cerveza S.A. in 1994. Three years later QUIPUDATA's information systems were introduced at the latter and its subsidiaries. QUIPUDATA offices moved to the factory located in Callao and the Backus management model was put into practice for the first time in the whole corporation.

In 1998, QUIPUDATA installed a transactional server together with visual environment systems. This year Peru's National IT Association granted the Best Computer Network Award to QUIPUDATA. In 1999, the National Industrial Association granted the National Quality Award in the Comprehensive Program Category and the National IT Association awarded the Best Computer Center Prize.

In 2000, QUIPUDATA was runner-up in the Business Creativity Award organized by the Peruvian Science University in the IT track. The Backus Corporation computer systems were introduced at the recently purchased Cervecería del Sur, and, in 2001, they were introduced at Embotelladora Frontera, a soft drink operation in Southern Peru.

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