Applications Referenced In Case

  1. STAR: Clinicals

    • Patient registration, patient order processing, pharmacy management, radiology management.

    • Where used: Business office, pharmacy, radiology, registration, nursing, patient information service

  2. STAR: Financials

    • Patient billing, materials management, human resource management / payroll, G/L, AP, AR

    • Where used: Business office, accounting, human resources, materials management

  3. Care Manager

    • Patient vital signs charting and documentation.

    • Where used: nursing

  4. Advantage Laboratory

    • Laboratory test processing and result management.

    • Where used: laboratory

  5. Advantage Anatomic Pathology

    • Pathology test processing and result management

    • Where used: laboratory / pathology

  6. Trendstar

    • Decision support and budgeting system

    • Where used: all departments

  7. Clinical Browser

    • Web-based patient information delivery system.

    • Where used: physician's offices, patient units

  8. DataGate (a.k.a. Interface Manager)

    • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) interface development and data transformation system.

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