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Exhibit 1: Michael Porter's Value Chain Model for Business Process Analysis
Exhibit 2: The Osborne/Kesner Enterprise Transformation Forces Diamond

Chapter 1: The Three Pillars of IT Delivery — Problem Resolution, Service Requests, and Projects

Exhibit 1: The Internal Economy of IT Product and Service Delivery
Exhibit 2: IT Services Delivery Matrix
Exhibit 3: The SLA Management Process

Chapter 2: The Project Management Office Business Model

Exhibit 1: Typical IT Organization Design
Exhibit 2: An IT Organizational Design Positioning the PMO
Exhibit 3: The Web of Commitments in Service and Project Delivery
Exhibit 4: Areas of Competence and the Overlap of Responsibilities within the PMO
Exhibit 5: The Distribution of Labor within a PMO
Exhibit 6: The PMO Organization
Exhibit 7: The PMO Value Calculation Model — Part 1
Exhibit 8: The PMO Value Calculation Model — Part 2

Chapter 3: Alignment and Planning — Doing the Right Things

Exhibit 1: The Osborne/Kesner Enterprise Transformation Forces Diamond Revisited
Exhibit 2: An Example of Tom Murphy's Portfolio Scoring Tool for IT Projects
Exhibit 3: Murphy Tool Output — Potential IT Projects' Size versus Value versus Risk
Exhibit 4: The Planning Pyramid
Exhibit 5: The Action Planning Process Workflow — Part 1
Exhibit 6: The Action Planning Process Workflow — Part 2
Exhibit 7: Off-Cycle IT Project Intake — Part 1
Exhibit 8: Off-Cycle IT Project Intake — Part 2

Chapter 4: Modeling and Managing Service Delivery

Exhibit 1: SLA Problem Resolution Metrics
Exhibit 2: SLA Service Request Metrics
Exhibit 3: A Three-Tier Service Delivery Model
Exhibit 4: Maintenance Cost Matrix
Exhibit 5: Enhancement Cost Matrix

Chapter 5: Project Delivery and the Project Management Life Cycle

Exhibit 1: The Project Management Life Cycle. (For an electronic version of the development life cycle graphic see chpt5~/~project management life cycle~graphic. For a hardcopy version of this tool see Appendix E.)
Exhibit 2: A Project Management Framework — Part 1
Exhibit 3: A Project Management Framework — Part 2
Exhibit 4: The Project Management Process — Part 1
Exhibit 5: The Project Management Process — Part 2
Exhibit 6: Project Leadership Questions — An Excerpt
Exhibit 7: Project Benefits Matrix
Exhibit 8: A Risk Management Matrix
Exhibit 9: Roles and Responsibilities Matrix
Exhibit 10: Scorecard Template
Exhibit 11: A Project Delivery Framework for the PMO

Chapter 6: Collecting and Capturing Business Requirements for IT Projects

Exhibit 1: A Business Process Map for the HG & Co. Selling Solution
Exhibit 2: The Components of Process Decomposition
Exhibit 3: A Map of Business Process IT Enablement
Exhibit 4: A Roles and Responsibilities Matrix
Exhibit 5: An IT Road Map for Implementing Business Process Change

Chapter 7: Managing Lessons Learned — The Reuse and Repurposing of IT Organizational Knowledge: A Case Study

Exhibit 1: Document Categories Organized by IT Function
Exhibit 2: The Knowledge Portal Design Survey
Exhibit 3: The NEU IS Division Knowledge Site
Exhibit 4: The Knowledge Portal Navigation Bar
Exhibit 5: Knowledge Portal Search and News Features
Exhibit 6: The Knowledge Portal's Electronic Desktop
Exhibit 7: The Staff Bio View
Exhibit 8: The Knowledge Portal Document Container

Chapter 8: Architecting Success — The Role of Sensible IT Architecture Management in Successful Service Delivery: A Case Study

Exhibit 1: IT Architecture Process Assumptions
Exhibit 2: An IT Architecture Process Technology Domain Design
Exhibit 3: The NEF/IS Architecture Domain Teams
Exhibit 4: An IT Architecture Domain Team Home Page
Exhibit 5: An Architecture Domain Information Grid
Exhibit 6: A Product Information Sheet
Exhibit 7: The NEF/IS Architecture Site Home Page
Exhibit 8: The NEF/IS Architecture Process Forums Structure
Exhibit 9: An IT Architecture Audit Summary View

Chapter 9: Conclusions — The ROI of the PMO

Exhibit 1: The PMO ROI — Executive Support Services
Exhibit 2: The PMO ROI — Service Delivery
Exhibit 3: The PMO ROI — Project Delivery
Exhibit 4: The PMO ROI — Architecture Management and Support
Exhibit 5: The PMO ROI — Staff Support
Exhibit 6: The Project Management Office — Overview and Value Proposition

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