Creating Resources


Creating resources is most commonly done in the Resource Sheet view in Project. This view provides the most commonly viewed fields when working with resources, and can be customized to display the fields you use most.

When naming new resources, remember that other people might need to view this information. Try not to use just first or last names, but rather enter a resource's full name . This will prevent possible confusion over resource names .

Creating a Work Resource

graphics/one_icon.jpg To show the Resource Sheet view, click View, Resource Sheet.

graphics/two_icon.jpg In a blank row of the Resource Sheet view (the upper pane), enter a name of a resource into the Resource Name field.

graphics/three_icon.jpg Specify a Max Units value for the resource.

graphics/four_icon.jpg Enter a Rate for the Resource if you will be tracking costs.


Creating a Material Resource

graphics/one_icon.jpg Click View, Resource Sheet.

graphics/two_icon.jpg Enter a name for the resource in the Resource Name field in a blank row.

graphics/three_icon.jpg Change the Type field to Material (the default type is Work).

graphics/four_icon.jpg Enter a label for the resource.


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