Reusing Field Customizations


The creation and perfection of custom fields can be a time consuming and sometimes tedious job of setting options and entering value lists, graphical indicator criteria, and custom fields. As you use them more often, you might want to make use of the custom field setup from one project in another project you are starting. Project gives you two ways to save the time it takes to re-enter this field customization data. The first is the Import Custom Field data button on the Customize fields dialog. The second is the capability to use the Organizer to place the most commonly used fields into your global template. Fields that will be used on only a few of your projects can be copied into new projects using the Import Custom Field button. If you have fields that will be used on all of your projects, inserting them into your global template is the best course.

Importing Custom Fields

graphics/one_icon.jpg Ensure that the project containing the field you want to import is open .

graphics/two_icon.jpg Click the Tools, Customize, Fields menu item.

graphics/three_icon.jpg Click the Import Custom Field button.

graphics/four_icon.jpg Choose the project that contains the field you want to import.

graphics/five_icon.jpg Select either a Task or Resource field type.

graphics/six_icon.jpg Select the field from the list.

graphics/seven_icon.jpg Click OK.


Inserting Fields into the Global Template

graphics/one_icon.jpg Open the file that contains the field(s) you want to make available to all your future projects.

graphics/two_icon.jpg Click the Tools, Organizer menu item.

graphics/three_icon.jpg Click on the Fields tab.

graphics/four_icon.jpg Select the field(s) you want to make available on the right side.

graphics/five_icon.jpg Click the Copy button.

graphics/six_icon.jpg Repeat for other fields.

graphics/seven_icon.jpg Click Close when you are finished.


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