Afterword: Investing in a Transparent Future

We have seen the future and I can assure you it is not pink. The path to success with this enormous market involves transparently marketing to women based on a thorough understanding of their buying behavior, insightful and innovative segmentation, and the enlisting of women as your marketing partners . A transparent approach gives marketers a new lens to look through and allows them to see lucrative and fresh new opportunities within their businesses and industries. We predict that companies who embrace and commit to transparently reaching women will position themselves for both initial success in the short term and industry leadership over the long haul. Much of the marketplace appears to be in a daze at the steep learning curve concerning what women customers want. With so much ambiguity, the prize is ripe for the picking for those companies who seize the day and engage in a transparent marketing process.

The Future of Your Business: Invest in Reaching Women

It may have been previously uncharted territory, but you can certainly proceed with confidence when considering the women's market. It will always be there and it will only grow in economic influence. Plus, even initiating an effort to understand them will be a sign that you value their business ”and that's a great first step!

Beyond that, the changes you make in your products, services and customer experience will not only appeal to your most important customers (as women comprise the buying majority for most industries), but those changes will, in most cases, also exceed the expectations of your male buyers . You simply can't lose by focusing on the needs of women and tailoring your brand experience to better fit them.

Of course, getting started requires a commitment of time, talent, money and energy, but the enormous potential of the women's market has both immediate and long-term profits.

Don't Think Pink(c) What Really Makes Women Buy(c) and How to Increase Your Share of This Crucial Market
Dont Think Pink: What Really Makes Women Buy -- and How to Increase Your Share of This Crucial Market
ISBN: 081440815X
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 96
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