Her Buying Mind Is Just the Beginning

Once you learn more about a woman 's buying mind, you will most certainly notice opportunities for your brand to serve her complex decision-making process. It isn't just about getting your product onto the shelf to sit silently in front of your potential customers while you hope they decide to buy it (based perhaps on its great package design or its placement on the shelf?). Rather, you can proactively help women see that they definitely need your timesaving widget, by going deeper than traditional marketing in reflecting the truths of their daily lives in your brand.

And, remember, how you serve her now should also convince her that she'll need your brand in the future. You don't go to all this length learning about your female customers to simply sell a product to her once.

A woman's buying mind is always turned on, locating products for herself as well as for her family and for any of her other constituents. Furthermore, she's usually seeking a bit of "value-add" beyond the purchase. By providing women with extra education, or helping them gain more confidence in making purchases in a new industry, the service component of your brand will be significantly enhanced in their minds.

A woman's buying mind is adept at seeing through the surface of marketing copy and zeroing in on the deeper value your brand can bring to her life.

So, work to develop your brand and its marketing approach to fit perfectly within the behavior of a woman's buying mind and the structure of her involved decision-making process. With time, you'll build up enough information about, and experience with, your savvy female customers that "the mystery of a woman's buying mind" will be eternal no more.

Don't Think Pink(c) What Really Makes Women Buy(c) and How to Increase Your Share of This Crucial Market
Dont Think Pink: What Really Makes Women Buy -- and How to Increase Your Share of This Crucial Market
ISBN: 081440815X
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 96
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