Copying a Disk

One way to protect the information on a disk from possible problems is to copy the disk, placing copies of all the files on it to another disk. Then, if information goes bad on a disk, you still have the copied information. You can use Windows to copy information from one disk to another using the same disk drive. When you copy disks, the disk must be the same type and not write-protected. A floppy disk is not write-protected when the tab in the upper-left corner on the back of the floppy disk is pushed down so that you cannot see through the square hole.

Copy a Floppy Disk


Click the Start button, and then click My Computer.


Right-click the floppy disk drive, and then click Copy Disk.


Select the source disk (Copy from) and destination disk (Copy to), if necessary.


Click Start, and then click OK.


When a Copy Disk message opens, remove the source disk, insert the destination disk, and then click OK.


When it's done, click Close.




See Also

See " Transferring Files Using a Disk " on page 367 for information on copying files to and from a disk.

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