Taking a Microsoft Office Specialist Exam

The Microsoft Office Specialist certification exams are not written exams. Instead, the exams are performance-based examinations that allow you to interact with a "live" Office program as you complete a series of objective-based tasks . All the standard menus , toolbars , and keyboard shortcuts are available during the exam. Microsoft Office Specialist exams for Office 2003 programs consist of 25 to 35 questions, each of which requires you to complete one or more tasks using the Office program for which you are seeking certification. A typical exam takes from 45 to 60 minutes. Passing percentages range from 70 to 80 percent correct.

The Exam Experience

After you fill out a series of information screens, the testing software starts the exam and the Office program. The test questions appear in the exam dialog box in the lower right corner of the screen.

  • The timer starts when the first question appears and displays the remaining exam time at the top of the exam dialog box. If the timer and the counter are distracting, you can click the timer to remove the display.

  • The counter at the top of the exam dialog box tracks how many questions you have completed and how many remain .

  • If you think you have made a mistake, you can click the Reset button to restart the question. The Reset button does not restart the entire exam or extend the exam time limit.

  • When you complete a question, click the Next button to move to the next question. It is not possible to move back to a previous question on the exam.

  • If the exam dialog box gets in your way, you can click the Minimize button in the upper right corner of the exam dialog box to hide it, or you can drag the title bar to another part of the screen to move it.

Tips for Taking an Exam

  • Carefully read and follow all instructions provided in each question.

  • Make sure all steps in a task are completed before proceeding to the next exam question.

  • Enter requested information as it appears in the instructions without formatting unless you are explicitly requested otherwise .

  • Close all dialog boxes before proceeding to the next exam question unless you are specifically instructed otherwise.

  • Do not leave tables, boxes, or cells "active" unless instructed otherwise.

  • Do not cut and paste information from the exam interface into the program.

  • When you print a document from an Office program during the exam, nothing actually gets printed.

  • Errant keystrokes or mouse clicks do not count against your score as long as you achieve the correct end result. You are scored based on the end result, not the method you use to achieve it. However, if a specific method is explicitly requested, you need to use it to get credit for the results.

  • The overall exam is timed, so taking too long on individual questions may leave you without enough time to complete the entire exam.

  • If you experience computer problems during the exam, notify a testing center administrator immediately to restart your exam where you were interrupted .

Exam Results

At the end of the exam, a score report appears indicating whether you passed or failed the exam. An official certificate is mailed to successful candidates in approximately two to three weeks.

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