Using and Removing Hyperlinks

Using and Removing Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks connect you to information in other documents. Rather than duplicating the important information stored in other documents, you can create hyperlinks to the relevant material. When you click a hyperlink for the first time (during a session), the color of the hyperlink changes, indicating that you have accessed the hyperlink. If a link becomes outdated or unnecessary, you can easily revise or remove it. PowerPoint repairs broken links. Whenever you save a presentation with hyperlinks, PowerPoint checks the links and repairs any that aren't working. For example, if a file was moved, PowerPoint updates the location.

Use a Hyperlink


In Slide Show view, position the mouse pointer (which changes to a hand pointer) over any hyperlink.

graphics/tow_icon.jpg Click the hyperlink.

Depending on the type of hyperlink, the screen

  • Jumps to a new location within the same document.

  • Jumps to a location on an intranet or Internet Web site.

  • Opens a new file and the program in which it was created.

  • Opens Outlook and displays a new e-mail message.


Navigate between open hyperlinked documents with the Web toolbar.

  • Click the Back or Forward button to move between documents.

  • Click the Start Page button to go to your home page.

  • Click the Search The Web button to go to a search page.



Edit a Hyperlink


Right-click the hyperlink you want to edit, and then click Edit Hyperlink.


If you want, change the display text.


If you want, click ScreenTip, edit the custom text, and then click OK.


If necessary, change the destination.


Click OK.


Remove a Hyperlink


Right-click the hyperlink you want to remove.


Click Remove Hyperlink.

TIMESAVER Drag the I-beam pointer across the hyperlink to select it, and then press Ctrl+Shift+F9 to delete a hyperlink.


If necessary, delete the text or object.


Did You Know?

You can display the Web toolbar . Click the View menu, point to Toolbars, and then click Web.

You can format a hyperlink . You can change the look of a hyperlink just as you do other text ”select it and apply attributes. Right-click the hyperlink, click Select Hyperlink, and then use the Bold, Italic, Underline, Font, and Font Size buttons on the Formatting toolbar.

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