Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 provides you with the tools you need to create and save your presentation as a Web page and to publish it on the World Wide Web. The Save As Web Page feature formats your presentation in Hypertext Markup Language ( HTML ), a simple coding system used to format documents for an intranet or the Internet. Saving your presentation in HTML format means you can use most Web browsers to view your presentation. Any presentation can easily be saved as a Web document and viewed in a Web browser. By saving your PowerPoint presentations as Web pages, you can share your data with others via the Web.

To assist you in creating Web pages, PowerPoint includes several Web templates that you can edit to fit your needs. Incorporating action buttons and hyperlinks within your presentation adds an element of connectivity to your work. If you add action buttons to your slides, you can click a button in a slide show to jump instantly to another slide, presentation, or program file. If you add hyperlinks to objects, you can jump to Internet and intranet locations. You can also customize your hyperlink by adding sound to it.

A digital signature adds authentification to your presentation. When customers, clients , employees or others see the digital stamp, it is a sign that the information is valid. When you have a presentation, the signature is assigned to the file. If the presentation has been converted to a Web page, the signature is assigned to a macro project.

Microsoft Office Online offers tips, software updates, tools, and general information to help you work with your PowerPoint presentation.

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