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Show Me Microsoft Office Excel 2003
By Steve  Johnson  Perspection, Inc.
Publisher : Que
Pub Date : September 15, 2003
ISBN : 0-7897-3005-7
Pages : 448
        Perspection, Inc.
        About The Author
        We Want To Hear From You!
        Find the Best Place to Start
        What's New
        How This Book Works
        Step-by-Step Instructions
        Real World Examples
        Troubleshooting Guide
        Show Me Live Software
        Microsoft Office Specialist
      Chapter 1.   Getting Started with Excel
        Starting Excel
        Viewing the Excel Window and Task Panes
        Starting a New Workbook
        Opening an Existing Workbook
        Moving Around the Workbook
        Working with Menus and Toolbars
        Working with Dialog Boxes
        Using Task Panes
        Arranging Windows
        Getting Help
        Getting Help from the Office Assistant
        Saving a Workbook
        Saving a File with Different Formats
        Getting Excel Updates on the Web
        Recovering a Workbook
        Exiting Excel
      Chapter 2.   Basic Workbook Skills
        Making Label Entries
        Selecting Cells
        Entering Labels on a Worksheet
        Entering Values on a Worksheet
        Entering Values Quickly with AutoFill
        Editing Cell Contents
        Clearing Cell Contents
        Undoing and Redoing an Action
        Understanding How Excel Pastes Data
        Storing Cell Contents
        Copying Cell Contents
        Moving Cell Contents
        Inserting and Deleting Cell Contents
        Finding and Replacing Cell Contents
        Correcting Cell Contents with AutoCorrect
        Using Smart Tags
        Checking Your Spelling
      Chapter 3.   Working with Formulas and Functions
        Creating a Simple Formula
        Editing a Formula
        Understanding Cell Referencing
        Using Absolute Cell References
        Using Labels for Cell References
        Naming Cells and Ranges
        Simplifying a Formula with Ranges
        Displaying Calculations with AutoCalculate
        Calculating Totals with AutoSum
        Correcting Calculation Errors
        Correcting Formulas
        Auditing a Worksheet
        Performing Calculations Using Functions
        Creating Functions
      Chapter 4.   Modifying Worksheets and Workbooks
        Selecting and Naming a Worksheet
        Inserting and Deleting a Worksheet
        Moving and Copying a Worksheet
        Hiding and Unhiding Worksheets and Workbooks
        Selecting a Column or Row
        Hiding and Unhiding a Column or Row
        Inserting a Column or Row
        Deleting a Column or Row
        Adjusting Column Width and Row Height
        Freezing a Column or Row
        Splitting a Worksheet in Panes
        Creating a Template
        Opening a Template
        Changing a Template
      Chapter 5.   Formatting a Worksheet
        Formatting Text and Numbers
        Designing Conditional Formatting
        Copying Cell Formats
        Changing Fonts
        Changing Data Alignment
        Controlling Text Flow
        Changing Data Color
        Adding Color and Patterns to Cells
        Adding Borders to Cells
        Formatting Data with AutoFormat
        Modifying an AutoFormat
        Formatting Tabs and Background
        Creating and Applying Styles
        Modifying a Style
        Finding and Replacing Formatting
      Chapter 6.   Printing Worksheets and Workbooks
        Inserting Page Breaks
        Setting Up the Page
        Adding Headers and Footers
        Customizing Worksheet Printing
        Setting the Print Area
        Previewing a Worksheet
        Printing a Worksheet and Workbook
      Chapter 7.   Inserting Graphics and Related Material
        Working with the Clipboard
        Inserting Research Material
        Inserting and Deleting Pictures
        Inserting Media Clips
        Modifying Pictures
        Cropping Pictures
        Stylizing Text with WordArt
        Editing WordArt Text
        Applying WordArt Text Effects
        Inserting an Organization Chart
        Modifying an Organization Chart
        Creating a Diagram
        Formatting a Diagram
      Chapter 8.   Drawing and Modifying Objects
        Drawing Lines and Arrows
        Drawing AutoShapes
        Inserting AutoShapes from the Clip Gallery
        Moving and Resizing an Object
        Rotating and Flipping an Object
        Choosing Object Colors
        Adding Object Shadows
        Creating a 3-D Object
        Aligning and Distributing Objects
        Arranging and Grouping Objects
        Changing Object View Settings
      Chapter 9.   Creating and Modifying Charts
        Understanding Chart Terminology
        Choosing the Right Type of Chart
        Creating a Chart
        Editing a Chart
        Selecting and Editing a Chart Object
        Changing a Chart Type
        Moving and Resizing a Chart
        Pulling Out a Pie Slice
        Adding and Deleting a Data Series
        Enhancing a Data Series
        Enhancing a Chart
        Drawing on a Chart
        Formatting Chart Elements
        Adding Chart Gridlines
      Chapter 10.   Analyzing Worksheet Data
        Understanding Lists
        Creating a List
        Understanding a Data Form
        Adding Records Using a Data Form
        Managing Records Using a Data Form
        Sorting Data in a List
        Displaying Parts of a List with AutoFilter
        Creating Custom Searches
        Entering Data in a List
        Working with Lists
        Analyzing Data Using a PivotTable
        Updating a PivotTable and PivotChart
        Modifying a PivotTable and PivotChart
        Charting a PivotTable
        Creating Groups and Outlines
        Using Database Functions in a List
        Adding Data Validation to a Worksheet
      Chapter 11.   Building More Powerful Worksheets
        Loading and Unloading Add-Ins
        Using Data Analysis Tools
        Looking at Alternatives with Data Tables
        Asking "What If" with Goal Seek
        Creating Scenarios
        Using Solver
        Using Lookup and Reference Functions
        Understanding How Macros Automate Your Work
        Recording a Macro
        Running a Macro
        Understanding Macro Code
        Debugging a Macro Using Step Mode
        Editing a Macro
        Restricting Workbook Access
        Protecting Your Data
        Using Digital Signatures
        Applying Security Settings
      Chapter 12.   Sharing Workbook Data
        Sharing Workbooks
        Creating and Reading a Cell Comment
        Editing and Deleting a Cell Comment
        Tracking Changes
        Comparing and Merging Workbooks
        Sending a Workbook for Review
        Sharing Information Between Programs
        Exporting and Importing Data
        Working with XML
        Exporting and Saving Data in XML
        Linking and Embedding Files
        Linking Data
        Consolidating Data
        Getting Data from a Database
        Getting Data from Another Program
      Chapter 13.   Publishing Data on the Web
        Opening a Workbook as a Web Page
        Previewing a Web Page
        Creating a Hyperlink
        Saving a Worksheet as a Web Page
        Publishing a Web Page
        Getting Data from the Web
        Copying a Web Table to a Worksheet
        Creating Refreshable Web Queries
        Getting Data from Web Queries
        Saving Web Queries
        Holding an Online Meeting
        Sending Workbooks Using E-Mail
        Getting Documents from the Web
      Chapter 14.   Tools for Working More Efficiently
        Modifying Workbook Properties
        Finding a File or Contents in a File
        Changing Options
        Changing Your Worksheet View
        Creating a Custom View
        Creating a Toolbar
        Customizing a Toolbar
        Adding Menus and Menu Items
        Playing Back Worksheet Data
        Controlling Excel with Your Voice
        Executing Voice Commands
        Dictating Text
        Recognizing Handwriting
        Repairing and Recovering Office Programs
        Using Multiple Languages
      Chapter 15.   Working Together on Office Documents
        Viewing SharePoint Team Services
        Administering SharePoint Team Services
        Storing Documents in the Library
        Viewing Team Members
        Setting Up Alerts
        Assigning Project Tasks
        Creating an Event
        Creating Contacts
        Holding Web Discussions
        Working with Shared Workspace
        Publishing a List
        Installing Windows 2003 and SharePoint Server 2003
      Microsoft Office Specialist
        About the Microsoft Office Specialist Program
        What Does This Logo Mean?
        Preparing for a Microsoft Office Specialist Exam
        Taking a Microsoft Office Specialist Exam
        Getting More Information
      New! Features
        Microsoft Office Excel 2003
        Clip art and objects
        Database and lists
        Entering and selecting data
        Formatting data
        Formulas and functions
        Importing and exporting
        Languages and voice options
        Menus, toolbars, and task panes
        Microsoft Office Specialist
        Reviewing changes
        Templates and styles
        Worksheets and workbooks

Show Me Microsoft Office Excel 2003
Show Me Microsoft Office Excel 2003
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